free time…


The boy and I had a long talk yesterday about his finding a job. Over the weekend, after talking to a few friends, I was given a line on a job that I believe would be perfect for him. “What would I do there?” “Probably a little bit of everything…” I replied. Giving me a questioning look I added, “Probably a stock boy, or working the carryout–taking stuff out to people’s cars for them”. “I could do that…” He replied. “But bay, you have to know, any idea you have to not work weekends needs to go out the window”.

His face, fell the moment I said his weekends would no longer be considered his free time. I was afraid for a split second he wouldn’t understand and decide not to apply for the job, so I elaborated a little more.

“Bay, I’m telling you right now, weekends off are a luxury, I mean look at your dad, for instance, he works every Saturday. As an entry level person, you’ll be lucky to get any weekend day off, regardless where you apply, okay?

He nodded unhappily.

“But they will work around school schedules so that’s something…” I added.

His expression remained the same. Unhappy to lose his free weekends, but well aware his weekend free time is now limited.


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