tone of voice…


The way we talk with and to one another makes a difference as does the tone of voice we choose to use. I know, speaking for myself, my children will often scold me for sounding as if I’m scolding them. In reality, my voice is loud to begin with and my attempts at sounding determined can sound worse to their ears than intended.

The same can be true about the way they speak with me.

Especially in the morning.

The doll always sounds upset with me when I remind her to get out of bed for school and I suppose, when I was her age, my response to my mother and siblings was pretty much the same. Looking back tho on one or two occasions, I had a very good reason for being surly…

My sister Ann Marie loudly announced, “MARSHA!! GET UP!!  YOU’RE LATE! YOU’RE LATE!!  YOU’RE GOING TO MISS THE BUS, YOU NEED TO GET UP!!” Conditioned to take a shower every day before high school, I jumped out of bed, ran through the house grabbed a towel, went down two flights of stairs to the basement shower and took a quick five-minute shower. Upon entering our bedroom, there sat Ann Marie tucked into her bed laughing. “What?” I asked, unraveling the towel on my head. “Take a look at the clock..” She said. In doing so, I read what was so funny. Her little announcement came at 2:00 in the morning. On one other occasion, she made a similar announcement except on a Saturday morning and thankfully caught me before I raced down the flights of stairs. 

“Marsha you were always so horrible in the morning…” My sister reminded me the other day. “Like you have room to talk…” I replied and we both laughed.

“Doll, you should be happy I don’t pull any of the crap your Aunt Ann used to pull on me, with you,” I said after she yelled at me instead of simply replying, “Okay Mom, got it” the other day. “Mom, why do you always assume I’m yelling at you? I’m half asleep for goodness sake and besides, I wouldn’t fall for any of the stuff she pulled on you because I’m not that gullible.”

“Uh-huh, keep telling yourself that doll…” I replied.

What do you think? Sounds like an invitation to test her theory to me…

Stay tuned!


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