It must be the weather…


This morning, I woke up in one of the foulest moods I’ve ever been in. I’m not sure why, but I can tell you, I put off writing the blog in hopes of coming around. Thus far that hasn’t happened. My husband suggested that I blame the mood on the weather, but I’d rather blame it on the culmination of crap going on around me as well as the person looking back at me in the mirror. So excuse the next few paragraphs as I attempt to rid myself of all this anger and please remember, what’s written here is strictly my opinion only.

Rant One: Why is everyone so fascinated with the Kardashians? Who the F is Black China and what does any of that pollution about who is texting or sexting her have to do with me? Why is this crap splashed all over entertainment media? Why is this more important than the Flint water crisis or for that matter, the Lake Erie algea bloom water crisis which threatens my drinking water? People have told me that garbage is a distraction from their own drama filled lives. Whatever, how about reading a good book instead. I’ll bet you’ll learn more and be far more entertained.

Rant Two: This G-D Presidential Race. What’s wrong with our nation is what’s wrong with the nation. Screw giving us your tired and poor people from other nations, we’re all about being inclusive now. I read the number one reason people voted for Trump is because of his anti-Muslim rhetoric. Okay, so let’s keep Muslim’s out the country. How is that going to stop kids from taking guns to school and shooting classmates? How is preventing Syrian refugees from entering this country going to  stop an Uber driver from deciding one day to kill random people in between picking up fairs and dropping them off at their destinations? How is keeping Muslims out going to stop my city from being named one of the most violent cities in my state? How is keeping Muslims out of the country going to fix race relations? How is keeping Muslims out going to fix the mental health system in this country? People are so busy looking for a quick “fix” that they forget to pay attention to what the real issues this country faces…most notably who out of all the candidates is qualified to be President of this country. From where I’m seated, not a one of them.

Oh, and one more thing…

Using fear will not make America great again. Fear only creates more problems…which is why I don’t understand why more people can’t see through the facade some candidates are holding up big and bright.

Rant 3: Microsoft 10.0 forced update. I hate 10.0. Flat out hate this operating system. You took a nice, easy working laptop and made the keys so sensitive that typing one single blog takes twice as long because the curser jumps unexpectedly from one sentence, word to the next. Sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, sometimes upward, sometimes enough to post the blog mid sentence. Microsoft you did no one any favors with this freaking update. Instead you’ve pushed me closer to buying a Mac next time around.

Rant 4: KIDS LOAD THE DAMN DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and HUSBAND TOO!!!!!!!!!



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