Trump card…


Saturday, feeling a bit anxious, I decided to take a walk in the rain/snow mix that fell most of the day. Sensing a need to move as well, the doll asked if she could join me and I agreed. “So how was the sleepover?” I asked to start the conversation. “It was fun…” She replied. “Did you put on make-up and stuff?” I asked. She stopped and looked at my back as I continued on. Realizing she was no longer next to me I turned and said, “What?” “Mom, we’re not little girls anymore,” she replied. “Doll when those two spent the night at our house over Christmas break, I seem to remember you emerging from the bedroom with raccoon eyes…” I explained. “Yeah, that was only because we were bored,” She replied and then resumed walking with me. “Fine, then what did you do, talk about boys?” “Some…” she said and then changed the subject.

“Mom, how do you get to Canada from here and if we were to go to and stay for a while, what would we need?” She asked after we walked together in silence for a bit. “Well, that depends on where you would want to cross over…” I began. “No I mean, aren’t there like wooded areas that aren’t clearly marked? Or is it a method of driving to Detroit and making a right-hand turn, or what?” “There are two ways to get into Canada from Detroit, taking the bridge or the tunnel. But you need to go through “customs” for both. “So you need your passport regardless?” She asked. “Yeah, pretty much. When I was a kid, you didn’t need one. But now, in an effort to be safe…” “And what do you tell them at customs?” She wondered. “Your itinerary… like if you’re going on vacation, where you will be staying, or what your destinations are going to be,” I explained.

She nodded her head along with what I said and we continued on. At some point, our conversation turned toward politics and then she asked me the differences between the parties. “Where do you see yourself?” She asked. “Well, your father is Conservative. I was raised as a Liberal and think of myself as being more of an independent–meaning I vote for who I think is the best candidate, not by party lines.” “I think that’s probably where I would land,” she concluded. “It’s all about doing research in the candidates and finding the one that looks best to you,” I explained.

As we rounded toward home she asked, “How long does it take to get our passports updated?” “I don’t know, a couple of months why?” I wondered. “I think if Trump gets elected President, we should permanently move to Canada. I read that Canada is just like the US except without guns,” She said. “They have guns up there… ” I began, “and don’t let them hear you compare them to the US. Know matter where you move, you’re going to find good and bad things about how the government works. No one is ever a happy camper. So before you move us out of the country, let’s see how this election goes, okay?” She smiled and agreed before adding, “But mom, I think we should seriously consider moving…” She added. “Talk to your father, he’s probably already found some property up there…” I said. She happily nodded and then opened the door, ending our walk.



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