Interesting conversations….


Today has been nuts and busy. Currently I’m sitting here listening to Moonlight Serenade by The Glenn Miller Orchestra with Mr. L and trying not to fall asleep. You see, despite the beautiful 70 F weather we are experiencing in our neighborhood, Mr. L enjoys having the electric fireplace on as well. But no matter… shaking the cobwebs out of my head now commencing…

There are many times when I arrive to pick the boy up from school only to find myself waiting 20-30 minutes for him to come out of the building. In his defense, he was always the last kid to exit school when he was younger, I just hoped as he grew older, his ability to leave in a timely manner would improve. Apparently, he’s still learning…

While his is excuses can on ocassion vary, they usually begin  “Sorry Mom, but I found myself in the middle of a very interesting conversation…” This past Friday, when he climbed into the car, forty minutes late,  I said quietly, “When are they not interesting?” “Mom, sorry! But I have a valid reason for being so late”, He said. “Okay-shoot…” I said, “Well, I began talking to one of my friends whose bastard father beat her up. I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to convince her to call the police…”

“You know, this sounds more like something the school’s administrators should be involved in, rather than you…” I said. “Mom, the school has tried, but nothing changes. She needs to call the police and press charges…” “Easier said than done, bay…especially when the abuser is her father. I think you should leave this to the guidance counselors. They can better act as a go between than you can”. “Mom, nothing will happen, they’ve tried. She needs to do the hard work to put him away. So I was trying to show her I’d have her back,” He replied.

“Bay, I’m glad you’re her friend and are willing to support her but this is way out of your league. Your best bet is to offer an ear to listen and shoulder to lean on. Otherwise, mind your own business.” I said. Not willing to argue with me further, he let the subject drop and I said a quick prayer for the family, all the while proud of my son for being a friend to a girl in need.



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