Over the past few weeks, I’ve been consumed looking through hundreds of computer files, trying to locate pictures of my doll’s elementary tenure, but seemingly only finding pictures of the boy. I know I’ve taken pictures and saved them somewhere, but where the heck are they? I’ve pressed my memory. After finding several discs of the same pictures contained therein, I came to the very firm conclusion, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to saving digital pictures.

Thankfully, on my very old computer, I found an old media file that contained some of the missing pictures, thus saving my life–as far as the doll is concerned. She was almost ready to begin lamenting, “You didn’t love me, you never took pictures of me…” which thankfully I’ve been spared from witnessing.

I have to admit, though, how much fun the two of us have been having while searching for and finding pictures of her friends and seeing how little, or a lot, the girls have changed over the years. “Mom back up…” She asked as I pushed past several pictures until I landed on the one she liked. Taking out her iPod, she snapped a quick picture and then posted the results to her friends. Moments later the internet erupted with OMG’S and other fun comments. “You all look so cute…” I laughed and was largely ignored as the doll chose to focus instead on her younger appearance “Look at my hair, my buck teeth, my fat face…” “Hey stop ridiculing my baby!” I said and she laughed. “Mom, give it up, it’s what girls do,” she responded. “You may do it, doesn’t mean I have to like it..” I replied. Be that as it may, before she went off to bed that night, she sent me a list of pictures she wanted me to send her.

Be that as it may, before she went off to bed that night, she sent me a list of pictures she wanted me to send her, these included…

Sr. Mary Doll...

Sr. Mary Doll…




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