Prop master…


Due to a fog causing a 2-hour delay this morning, Mrs. K accompanied the boy and me on our morning drive to his school. “Hey bay, why don’t you tell Mrs. K what you did over the weekend?” I said, hoping to spark a conversation. Taking the cue he replied, “I was the prop manager for the school’s Winter one acts performance.” He explained. “What were the plays?” She asked. “What was that first one called, Station 8?” I asked. “No, Channel 8 was the first one and the Brother’s Grimm running commentary was the other,” He said. “Oh, I’ve never heard of them,” She said. “Well, the first one was about an overzealous producer…” I tried before the boy interrupted, “No it was about a news station’s program director’s tactics for seeking better ratings at the expense of her reporters by having them kidnapped and attacked by a tiger, among other things,” He explained. “Goodness….” She replied. “Yes, and the boy was responsible for all the props used during the two shows,” I said proudly.

“That sounds like it was fun…” She said. “I have to agree with you, I had a very good time, though it was stressful at times. Thankfully, Saturday was a lot better than Friday night,” He explained. “Yes, last week he was busy almost every day after school, helping them set up the theater, figure out the cues and then work out the kinks,” I informed. “In other words, very stressful for me. I was so happy when yesterday arrived and all of that was behind me.” He added.

Laughing at the memory, I added sarcastically, “Yes, you should have heard him Saturday morning complaining about how tired his arms were. So tired in fact that they prevented him from getting out of bed. The only thing he could do was reach out and grab his iPad and watch Youtube videos until the rest of his body woke up…” “It was true!” He argued and then laughed incredulously. “I’ll bet the stress of knowing where everything went…” Mrs. K offered. “Yes! The actors only needed to know where to stand. I needed to know where everything went for every scene…” He said proudly. “Bay, the actors also needed to know their lines…” I added as he blew a raspberry in my direction. “Sounds like a very fun evening. I wish I would have known, I would have like to have gone,” Mrs. K offered.

“We went Saturday, hubby, the doll and I,” I began, “The doll was not happy when she realized she was coming along with us. She thought when I said “WE” are going, I was only referring to her dad and me,” Did she enjoy the show?” Mrs. K asked. “I think so, tho if you ask her in the boy’s presence, she’ll say she was horribly bored.  “You would be surprised if she didn’t,” She said and we both smiled.

After the boy was dropped off at school, I picked the conversation back up a saying,  “To tell you the truth, I’m really proud of him, for stepping out of his comfort zone and becoming engaged in this production. He even made sure he took his medication at a different time on Saturday, so the meds didn’t have time to wash out of his system before the performance. He was really serious about what he was doing. Plus, this forced him to hang out with classmates outside of the school day. This experience was so good for him.  Once he completed all his tasks following the production Saturday, as we made our way out of the building, so many kids were wishing him a good night and one or two gave him a hug as well. Everything about this was cool for my kid and his parents, too. I couldn’t be happier for him.” “Sounds like the strands of a proud and happy parent,” said Mrs. K, with whom I couldn’t agree more.







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