Agg.. Agra.. Agre.. Egregious, smh…


The boy’s favorite word to use lately is “Nebulous” as in “I was nebulous with my French homework. The other day I called him on the use of this relatively new word to his vocabulary asking him, “So is nebulous your new favorite word?” “No, not really. I just like saying the word Nebulous”. He replied. “So, if you enjoy using the word Nebulous every chance you can, wouldn’t that typically be construed as your favorite word of choice then?” I wondered aloud and his grunt of indifference was his only reply.


As mentioned on Facebook the other night, my son tried to murder me by inducing me to choke on my dinner. This all started when, during a routine conversation about himself at the dinner table he added,  “Don’t get me wrong, I am smart, but I’m also a man…” I was in mid-bite of a nice piece of pork when his incredible insight came forth and I’m telling you, it took every ounce of energy within me not to choke from laughing at his seemingly wise understanding of the male species.


Yesterday when I picked the boy up from school, I asked him “How was your day?” very much like I do every single time I pick him up. Instead of his usual reply, he said, “Oh, nothing too egregious”. Raising my eyebrows I replied, “Egregious bay? “It’s a word mom, look it up,” he replied. “Bay, I know it’s a word, but you couldn’t just say ‘good’ or ‘fine’ or ‘well?'””Eh what’s the use of having a vast language if we’re stuck only using the same words over and over?” He returned. Thinking for the briefest of moments I replied, “I hear ya, but sometimes simple is best…” To which he replied “Yes, if you’re a simpleton, that’s true.” Thus effectively putting an end to our conversation.  

**by the way, in order to write the blog correctly, I needed to look up the spelling for egregious…hence the title of the blog.


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