the culture quiz…


This morning on the drive to school, the boy and I began listening to a couple of DJ’s discussing what the second best (lie) response women give to men. The first was “I’m fine”, the DJ said asking listeners to call in and give their best guess. Several listeners called in giving different answers, my favorite being, “It was on sale,” and literally laughed out loud upon hearing the response. “I know the answer…” I said beginning to laugh. “It was good…” The boy smiled and said, “Let’s keep it PG here, Mom,” and then said, “I think it’s I don’t mind…” Looking back at him I replied, “That’s a good answer too, but I like mine more…” and we laughed some more.

After a commercial break, the DJ’s came back on and one of them said, “Alright, too many of you are living in the gutter…” The boy smiled and said, “Well, at least, you’re not alone, Mom,” and we both laughed. “The answer to the question is something that you’ve probably used hundreds of times and I’m telling you, ladies, men don’t believe you…” The DJ said. Then the boy began to give me more possible answers as we pulled into the school parking area. Nodding in agreement to some of his potentially right answers, I said, “I’ll tell you what bay, if I’m still in the car when they give the answer, I’ll tell you after school, okay?” He agreed, then exited the car giving me his usual pleasantries before we parted company.

So what is the answer???

“I’ll be ready in 5 minutes…” Go Figure, lol I still think my answer is better. 


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