to my kids when I’m 95…I


First of all, I smoked cigarettes for far too long in my youth  to make it to 95. But if God sees fit to make me last that long, I know, this will make my kids happy-so long as I do not become a burden. Heck, it might even make my hubby happy–we both have longevity in our family lines. But one thing is certainly clear, a nice supply of Summer Shandy at the ready will make my long life all the more pleasant.

But I digress…

Over the past six weeks, Wednesday’s have come to be known to me as “ninety’s day” because I’m privileged to hang out with 93-year-old Mrs.K, in the morning, 90-year-old Mr.L, in the afternoon and then spend the evenings with my  94-year-old father. I can honestly tell you, this easily has become my favorite day of the week. 

Why? Because, from my experience, when your in your 90s, your just happy to see another day or spend time with a friend. All the worrying from the previous years have dissipated. They don’t care who’s running for president any more than what their going to eat for dinner. Why? Because they have lived long enough to know, life keeps ticking on, regardless. What’s more, Being ninety is just another number in a long lifetime of numbers. 

So to my kids, if I live to be 95 I don’t want you to worry. This big old world keeps on spinning and us right along with it. Instead, simply hand me a one of my Summer Shandy’s, sit down and visit. Share a drink and some stories with me. Help me pass my time here on earth surrounded by love, not loneliness. If you do this for me, I’ll promise not to write anymore blogs about you, only  share them in live conversations with others… (though you may have check to see if my fingers are  crossed behind my back). Don’t you know, I’ll probably still be the proudest mom on the planet. 


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