yesterday memories…


Yesterday, while seated on my borther’s porch bench enjoying the beautiful sunlit afternoon, I found myself quite amused watching my niece Carrin, maneuver her two children into eating thier lunch, very much against their will. “I’m full…” Her 3 year-old daughter Kay tried. Truth be told she was more interested in playing on the swingset, than eating her lunch. To his credit, her 5-year old brother Kel took a different route, “My juice box filled me up…” Looking at both her kids she smiled at their attempts and simly replied, “Sillies, it’s time to eat. You need to balance real food against all the candy you’ve eaten”. The two looked down at their plates, then back at there mother and again, began working on another plan to avoid eating their lunch. What fun I had watching those little wheels turning in their heads.

And… oh how I miss those days.


Much to my surprise, when I arrived home from work, following Good Friday Services, I found both my children busy raking out my front yard. Nevermind that I had asked the doll to do the work to fulfill some of her home service hours or that the boy needed a reason to get some fresh air. The fact they actually worked together to get the job done, was most impressive to me. In fact, I was reminded was how well they have been getting along lately.

Another sign they are growing up.





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