Saturday night I asked the kids at midnight to go to bed. “Mom, I’m seventeen..” The boy announced. “I cannot hide Easter baskets if you’re still awake…” I said. Looking at his sister he said, C’mon doll, bedtime”. I smiled, thankful they were on there way, so I too could be on my way sooner rather than later.


Thursday afternoon I ran into a friend at Costco, while I busily picked up last minute items for Easter Sunday. “Ooh I see you have popcorn…” She remarked at my double bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn. “Yes, this is for the boy’s Easter basket. Since his pre diabetic diagnosis, I’ve decided to give him very little candy, but still make the basket enjoyable for him,” I explained. “How’s he doing with that?” She wondered. “Well, as a matter of fact, he retested negative for diabetes but was advised to stay the course. So, that’s what we plan to do”. I replied. “That’s great news!” She said and I agreed before we parted company wishing one another a nice Easter.

“Ooh mom you bought popcorn!” The boy said when I brought my groceries inside. “Yeah, they aren’t for you”. “Wha?” He replied acting hurt by my reply. “Bay they’re for something this weekend, sorry!” I said. “But I love popcorn…” He replied. “Sorry bay!” I said before putting the bags away.

For the next two days he bothered me about those bags. “Mom, you haven’t done anything with those popcorn bags. Instead they sit atop the fridge mocking me…” Trying not to laugh I said, “Please! If you have a problem with them, then stop looking at them.” “I’m looking at them hoping you’ll change your mind and let me open them!” He cried while I laughed. “Sorry about you luck, bay.”

Much to his happiness Sunday morning, the very object of his desire gave away his basket hiding in the closet, too big to stay hidden behind the coats. “I found my basket!” He said, a large smile protruding from his face. “I told you the popcorn was for something on Sunday,” I said and was enveloped into a hug, a short time later. “I loooove youuuu” he said as we hugged sincerely. “I love you too Bay!” I replied.


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