killer birds…


Word has gotten around in the boy’s Anime club that birding is cool. So cool in fact, his club would like to accompany us on our yearly expedition to see the warbler migration over Great Lake Erie. Earlier in the year, his friend Alexa approached my car and said, “Um hi, um, the next time you and the boy go birding, could you ask him to ask me to come along?”  Shocked, not because I thought she was honing in on something, but rather that she wanted to come at all. “You want to come too?” I asked. “Oh yeah, I thought it was pretty cool…” She said. “Seriously? I thought you were bored…” I replied. “Oh no, I found it all quite interesting…” Taken aback a bit, I smiled and said, “Well, sure, mark your calendar for the second week in May. That’s right in the middle of the migration…” I added, “Okay thank you!” She replied before walking back to her car. Now there is a whole group of kids interested in going.

Oh, the people…er the bird watching we will do…


We have been having a little Robin trouble of our own lately. The other day the doll pointed out to me a robin who found our spare car’s passenger side mirror, much to his liking. “Mom, look…” She said pointing out the window at the large amount of bird doo running down the side of my husband’s car. Meanwhile, the bird sat happily perched upon the mirror, continuing to defecate. We both broke out laughing at the sight and I said, “Remind me to tell your dad…” Later that afternoon, hoping to dissuade the bird from defecating on the car more, I pushed his passenger side mirror to face the car. Instead, the move only encouraged the bird to decorate his car’s passenger side door in larger quantities. “You made it worse by pushing in that window…” He yelled at me. “Sorry…” I said, trying not to laugh. How was I to know that bird really loved this new perch?

But then on Sunday, karma came home to…well, roost on my car. The same robin who had been so enamored by our spare car’s passenger side mirror began to dance upon my passenger side mirror. Jumping back and forth between the closed window and mirror, the bird must have thought he was seeing another bird and before I could run out to scare him away, he defecated down the mirror. “Hey!!” I yelled, before putting a rather large stick atop the mirror. Undaunted, the bird came back and danced again. “Hey, you get out of here!!” I yelled chasing the bird away again. “Finally, I found a branch that acted as a good deterrent and thankfully the bird stayed away the rest of the day.

That is….until this morning when I found the bird perched upon my husband’s truck mirror, beginning the dance once again. Calling my husband as I pulled out of the driveway I said, “Guess who’s back?” “Oh I know, that %$#&!! I’m telling you I’m going to buy a pellet gun and shoot the darn thing…poof!” Laughing into the receiver I said, “By the time we spend the money, he’ll have found a new car to shit on…” “Well, I can dream anyway,” He replied.

Yes, we can dream… and laugh and clean some car doors, mirrors and windows.


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