I used to be addicted to daytime dramas, particularly the ones that aired on The ABC network: Ryan’s Hope, All My Children (AMC), One Life to Live and General Hospital (GH). Sometime in the early ’80’s I jettisoned GH and jumped networks to CBS and began watching The Guiding light and continued to until their cancellation date in 2009. A short time later, much of the ABC lineup, including my beloved AMC was cancelled as well. Since then I’ve had difficulty getting into other “soap operas”, tho not for the lack of trying. Perhaps I’m afraid of having that proverbial rug pulled out from underneath me again or I’ve simply outgrown (shutters at the thought) them.

Last night the doll asked if I would sit and watch an Anime soap opera with her…”Mom, it’s not a soap opera and the reason I asked you to watch with me is because I thought you might like this one…” She explained after I told the boy what I thought we were watching. “Doll are their characters attracted to one another?” I asked.”Yes, but…” “Doll,” I interrupted,”Is their angst between the love interests?” She agreed, but tried to counter me but was stopped by my explanation, “Doll, you can paint this whatever color you like but that doesn’t mean it’s not a soap opera…”I said. She gave me a look back which was tantamount to her saying, “Whatever…” And then hushed me; we were missing the show.

Sitting on the warm (the heater blows under the) love seat next to my doll, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it past the opening credits due to general work day fatigue and well, the effects from sitting on warm cushions. Much to my surprise, I made it through the credits, but not much further. A few minutes into the first episode The doll kept having to nudge me out of my semi-conscious state “Mom, you’re snoring…” She said a bit annoyed, but I couldn’t help myself. “Sorry doll I’m just really tired…” I tried and then worked to wake up enough to continue viewing.


The night before, while I watched The Walking Dead’s season finale, she sat next to me on the loveseat crying–not because our heroes were being surrounded, but rather because her Anime soap opera, the same one she wanted me to watch with her; had turned sad. Leaning over to see why she was distracting me from my show I asked, “Is everything okay doll?” “Yes…” she whimpered, before turning her attention back to her iPod. “Oh brother, you’re crying at an anime cartoon?” I asked and was summarily ignored.


After three ten minute episodes, I had had enough. “Doll, I’m sorry, I can’t watch any more. I think I need to be a little less tired…” I said. “Mom, if you would just get into the story you would forget you were watching an animated story”, she argued. “Perhaps, but right now, the show isn’t holding my attention. “Tomorrow then?” She asked. “We’ll see (Oldie but goodie standard mom stock answer), I replied. Frankly, I don’t know if I have the want to watch a soap opera in me any longer. But I suppose, given the right enticement (Mommy mommy, please…?), I’ll be brought around. Or, I’ll find myself being nudged awake quite often by my doll.



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