Rut roh…


If your an avid reader of this blog then you noticed something missing on Friday…namely me. Some days there aren’t enough hours in the day in which to write. Therefore, I apologize to anyone who missed me, I’ll try to do better. Lately tho, writing has been difficult. Not simply due to time constraints, but mostly due to what’s going on around me. In other words, writing about mundane lives can become, well, mundane. How much does my reader enjoy me boasting about the doll’s dabble into sketching or the boy’s internet addiction over and over again? Whether you can relate is one thing, whether you find this interesting is quite another and therein lies the rub.


“Bay make your sister some soup,” I said to him Saturday afternoon. Looking back at me dumbfounded he said, “I don’t think I can”. “This is not rocket science bud,” I offered but he didn’t move. “Mom, I’m serious, I’ve never made soup before,” He replied. “Okay, watch…” I said, a bit annoyed. Retrieving the can of Campbells Chicken Noodle soup from the pantry, I grabbed a soup pan, dumped the contents in, handed him the can and said, “Fill this half way up with water please,” He did as I asked. “Now pour the water into the pan and stir…” I added as he did so. Turning on the stove, I directed him to put the soup on the burner and said, “Now continue to stir every once in a while. Once the soup begins to boil, it’s done.” “What am I supposed to put it in when it’s done?” He asked and for a moment all I could do was stare back at him in reply. “A bowl?” I suggested after a minute. “Which one?” He asked. “BAY! USE YOUR BEST JUDGMENT!” I replied a bit frustrated by his inability to “think” on his feet.

In all fairness, he does not like soup, so has never paid much attention when soup from a can has been made. In addition, his inability to “unplug” from the internet has made him blind to reading directions on the side of a soup can, essentially leaving him helpless. Thank goodness he knows how to make a PB&J sandwich or he might starve to death in college.


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