a scientific experiment…


As you are keenly aware, I have a pet peeve about finding dishes in my sink, especially when there is a perfectly good dishwasher sitting there at the ready for them. One would think, my constant barking about the issue would breed results, but alas… So, I decided to perform a scientific experiment to see if they (test subjects, Bay, doll, and hubby) had the impetus within themselves to load the dishwasher or if they needed visual or verbal clues. The experiment focused on (A)whether they knew enough to open the dishwasher to see if the dishes inside were dirty, thus loading their dirty dishes henceforth (B) If they found dirty dishes in the sink would they load their dirty dishes into the dishwasher or leave them in the sink, and (C) If they found dirty dishes in the sink, would they load all the dirty dishes found regardless if they used them or not, into the dishwasher without being asked.

The Findings:  (A) When it comes to opening doors in my kitchen, the only door(s) they seem interested in opening are the one’s that contain food therein: refrigerator or cupboards. Since the dishwasher seemingly only contains remnants of food particles, opening this door is irrelevant to their supposed needs.

(B) When it comes to seeing dirty dishes in the sink, that tells them all they need to know about where to put their dirty dishes. Since they are unable or rather, unwilling to take a leap of faith and open the dishwasher door to see the contents within, their belief system tells them that the dishwasher must contain clean dishes. Therefore, the only alternative is to put more dirty dishes into the sink until such time as the dishwasher’s clean contents have been put away. Note, if their belief is that the dishwasher dishes are clean, then putting them away is someone else’s responsibility.

*Note, if their belief is that the dishwasher dishes are clean, then putting them away is someone other than themselves responsibility.

(C) See A and B.

Summary: In a word, my kids are  LAZY teenagers and my husband is tired. But not tired enough to forgo hearing me gripe about everyone’s inability to load the damn dishwasher, again and again, and so on and so forth.

Outcome: Failure to keep mom from talking to herself as complaints tend to fall upon deaf ears as well as the inability to quell mom’s overall annoyance toward the people with whom she lives.


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