Ordinarily, I see Mrs. K every day, Monday through Friday. But for the last two weeks, I’ve found the need to take Thursdays off simply because there haven’t been enough hours in the week to get stuff accomplished otherwise. So today I planned to take the morning off and get some much-needed cleaning done around the house, run to the grocery store and then enjoy a much wanted and needed afternoon massage, before picking the boy up from school. That’s not exactly what happened, though…

What’s that they say, tell God your plans and he’ll just laugh…

Over the weekend, the doll was revisited by her cardiogenic syncope problem, almost worst than the first time. If you recall, last year we had her tested for all sorts of fun issues, thyroid, iron deficiencies, etc., and came up empty. The only answer the doctors could give us was the syncope issue. From there, she was instructed to take iron, once a day for a month, add plenty of salt to her diet and eat healthily. Over the next few months, she seemed to recover some, only experiencing dizzy spells every now and again. I honestly thought we had turned the corner.

But then Saturday she fainted. She also slept fifteen out of the 24 hours that day. Joking with her I said, “I guess you’ve finally become a teenager..” To which she smiled before informing that she really didn’t feel well. Over the next few days, she slept, didn’t have much of an appetite and tried desperately not to faint (managed to only faint one more time).We kept her home from school Monday and she slept until 2 pm, another fifteen hour day. “Are you at least feeling better?” I asked taking in my sad little girl. Nodding her head “yes” I asked, “Do you want me to call the doctor or do you think you can go to school?” “I think I’ll be fine…” She said in a voice that sounded like she was trying to convince herself as well. Tuesday she spent two hours in the nurse’s office sleeping and then yesterday, forty-five minutes. This morning we saw her doctor.

For the first time in my life, the doctor asked me to leave the room. When I returned she said, “I asked your daughter if she was having difficulty with food, if she may be expelling her food after eating. I also wanted to see if she’d be willing to undergo a drug and alcohol screening”. The doll shot me a look that implied, “This doctor is insane…”anes the Doctor explained, sometimes children feel more comfortable disclosing this information to a doctor instead of their mothers…” “And what is your take?” I asked. “That your daughter is tall and thin and needs to eat more…” I nodded in agreement.

“Listen your daughter has syncope and she needs to ingest more saline and sweets. So I recommend every two hours she eats something salty and sweet, in addition to drinking 72 ounces of water per day. I’m also going to write you a script for an EKG and she should really see a pediatric cardiologist. Also, I’m ordering more labs, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything last year.” “Okay…” I began, “But this came on like overnight, is this indicative of this thing?” “It could be, that’s why I order the labs to be sure…”

Needless to say, over the next hour, she had blood drawn, from both arms because the phlebotomist read the script wrong; was forced to drink some nasty orange juice to keep her from fainting, before we arrived home. After all that rig-amoral,  I picked her up some lunch and decided she didn’t have to go back to school for the last two hours of the day. Instead, I left, got my massage, ran to the store, came home and found her fast asleep on the couch, carried in, put away the groceries, left to pick up the boy, brought him home, picked up my husband, ran to Target for more groceries, then finally arrived home, looked at the clock and realized I hadn’t even sat down long enough to type a blog. Needless to say…

Needless to say…I’m pooped!  As for the doll, she apologized for falling asleep and we keep moving on. Oh, and for the freaking record, she’s been placed on a two-year waiting list to see the doctor. Hopefully by then, all this will have worked itself out.

Now I’m off to walk a few miles…
















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