get a job…


We have been pretty firm lately, pushing the boy to get a job. A few weeks back he participated in a job fair at our local zoo but has yet to hear back from them. “Bay, you need to call to see if they’ve filled all their placements,” I said to him. “No, they told me they would call me…” He replied. Bay, it’s been over two weeks…they’ve forgotten about you. Call and remind them!” I implored.

Silence and still we wait.

A month earlier he put in an application with a garden nursery a few blocks away. Though not his ideal job choice I reminded him, “You don’t have a driver’s license, you can easily walk there and from home and from what I’m told, they’ll work around school schedules. Bay, you need to call them to see if they still have openings…” I suggested. “Mom, I really don’t want to work there…” He said and then added, “I have seasonal allergies and I don’t see working at the heart of my allergies as the best place to work”. “I hear ya bay, but that’s what allergy meds are for…”

Silence and still we wait.

Yesterday driving home from school I informed him, “Bay, your dad and I have decided, if you do not find a job this summer, we will find one for you”. “Okay…” He said amused. Noting the tone of his reply I explained, “Like for instance, scraping and then painting our garage, working in the garden, cutting the grass every other day, working on Grandpa’s yard, etc. We’ll pay you for the work, but mark my word, you will not be spending this summer laying on your ass watching video games”.

“I….will find a job…” He said, realizing what we had in mind sounded contrary to any other job out there. “Bay, make your phone calls and then keep your eyes open, talk to your friends, see if they can get you in where they work. Cuz bay, we expect you to start saving money for college, beginning now…” I urged him.

Silence and still we wait–perhaps minutely a little more hopeful today than yesterday.


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