Over the last year, I’ve worked my rear end off…literally and have lost a little over 30 pounds. I will say however, I did lose more than thirty pounds, but have gained some of that weight back. This doesn’t mean I haven’t quit working out, rather I took a hiatus around the holidays and have been struggling to get back into what I refer to as the rabbit hole. I can’t seem to engage the tunnel vision I needed to lose the weight initially. While I still feel a heck of a lot better than I did when I was heavier, I wouldn’t mind losing about fifteen more pounds–just to get back to the weight I had before I became pregnant with the boy.

One of the reasons I’ve had so much trouble I place solely on the doll’s shoulders. One of the many talents the doll has uncovered recently is her desire to bake. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, puddings, brittle…you name the sweet; the doll has made. Not wanting to discourage my budding pastry chef, I’ve purchased different fruits, flowers, sugars, spices, etc all in an effort to help her find her inner “Elizabeth Falkner”.

Do you understand the difficulty I face every day when I enter my house filled with deliciously smelling treats? There simply is no escape…

So yesterday, when the doll asked me if she could bake something I said, “Sure, I don’t care…” My husband, who was preparing for our nightly walk together said, “You can’t eat any of her delicious baked goods or it will just sit your waist and expand…” Looking back at him, almost  with incredulity I replied, “You better tell that to the person looking back at you in the mirror…” Smiling he lifted his hand to his belly and said, “Nope, don’t have to…” and then patted his belly in confirmation. Looking over at our daughter I said, “Can you believe what he just did?” She smirked and then covered her eyes with her right hand. “He just called me fat! You heard him, didn’t you? What a jerk, you called me fat. Let’s see you lose thirty plus pounds you jerk!”

He smiled and said, “C’mon let’s go for a walk…” Hoping to quell the ire he stoked into life a few minutes earlier. “I can’t believe you called me fat…” I said stepping in time with him. “I did no such thing…” He replied. “I have a witness…” I replied. “Nope, the word ‘fat’ never crossed my lips. In fact, I don’t remember us even holding a conversation before we left the house. “Uh huh, you’re a jerk…” I said and he laughed, as we continued on with our walk.





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