the little things…


There are little things that bother the heck out of me that I try to ignore and move onto other things. Yet those little things are like needles that prick against my skin. At some point, I explode but then the world rights itself for a moment before the little things begin to pile back up.

Case in point, the boy; though not so little, has decided my bedroom is the best place for him to hang out. We recently replaced our memory foam type mattress and instead of throwing we’re temporarily housing it in our dormer. Discovering this the boy informed me he’s moving in. “Um, noo…you have your own memory foam on the bed,” I explained. “Yes but it’s only a twin and this is a queen and I love this mattress…” He said. Rather than argue with him that moment, I ignored the situation until dinner time. “Bay dinner!” I yelled up the stairs, to no reply.

Another little thing that bothers me is his inability to take the iPod headphones out of his ears. If he’s not connected to his iPod, then he must be asleep or dead. Thus, when I call him for stuff his usual excuse for not answering or coming in is, “It’s not my fault you bought me noise canceling headphones..” To which my reply recently has been, “Yeah and it’s not my fault I flushed that device down the toilet either…” But I digress.

When my husband came into the kitchen I asked him, “Did you tell the boy we were eating?” “I would think he would have figured that out when I left the room…” He replied. Taking it upon myself to extract the boy from my bedroom, I quickly approached the stairs and screamed, “BAY GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!” Then turned around and came back to the kitchen.

Immediately the boy stood at attention (as noted by the thump I heard when his head hit the dormer ceiling and the corresponding “Oompf” noise that he made) and yelled back, “Yes, Mom!” before quickly descending the stairs. As I walked into the kitchen, I noticed the doll and husband’s amusement at my method of extraction. “I’ve told you more than once that you both have no idea when I’m actually yelling at you. Now you do”. Once the boy joined the rest of us at the table, we had an actual sit down dinner where we conversed with every member of our household, for a change. Best of all, all electrical devices and headphones were set aside so we could be present with one another as well.

Yes, so you see, the little things like a family dinner can make all the difference in the world.




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