“Hello pollen my old friend…?”


Saturday I worked cleaning out my front garden, a task I kept putting off due to unforeseen circumstances. The doll had some good laughs at my expense as I chased squirrels away from my bird feeder–even going so far as to soap the pole from top to bottom. “Mom you might as well face it, that squirrel has your number…” She said as we watched that crafty devil make it up to the top of the pole, only to be thwarted by the feeder itself…oh and me chasing after the darn thing.

But all in all, everything around here is beginning to take shape. Flowers are blooming, tree buds are coming to life, birds that spent their winter elsewhere have come back to roost and insects have have made their presence known. 

Ah yes, Spring has certainly arrived, along with Rose fever, sneezing, allergy meds and inhalers. Thank goodness Spring is so beautiful as compensation. 


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