inch by inch, step by…


As we inch closer to Saturday; the prom, for the boy, I gave him a list of things to get for me from school, Sunday night at dinner. “Tomorrow, I need you to ask Alexa the color of her dress, her home phone number and her mother’s first name”. Looking back at me he replied, “Okay, but, could you write this all down for me?” “Sure…” I replied, but moved onto other things and forgot. Monday afternoon, up on entering the car, he said, “Mom, Alexa wasn’t in school today, ” which shocked me. The boy who’s favorite thing to say to any of my questions, “I forgot” didn’t forget.  I have to say I was mildly impressed.

Then yesterday, while admonishing him for his time management (or lack thereof) skills while we drove home, he yelled, “TEAL”. “What the heck?” I said, upset he not only interrupted me but seemingly was making no sense. “The color of Alexa’s dress is teal…” He said and then leaned forward and handed me a telephone number. “Is this her home number?” I asked. “Yes,” He replied; proud he managed to stifle my lecture and followed through with my earlier request. “Okay, so what’s her first name?” I asked.

Radio silence…

“Darn it!” He announced, but then added, “I can’t remember, but she’s a very nice woman”.

“Of that I have no doubt,” I replied before encouraging him to complete the task in the morning.

So now we wait… for the next page in this chapter.




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