I’m not sure…


Could someone please explain this to me? We are a water drinking family. Gone are the days when we purchased pop/soda for our enjoyment. Nowadays we drink primarily water or in the boy’s case, milk. But something doesn’t quite add up–primarily the number of half filled bottles of water I found around my home this morning. “Huh? What the…?” and “Who the heck is doing this?” came to mind each time I found a new/used bottle.

On average, I drink about 9 bottles a day in hope of reaching the gallon of water a day platform in my clean eating program. Sometimes less, hardly more, but always a full bottle to the end.

The boy, since his brush with diabetes, has eliminated almost all sugar filled drinks from his diet. On occasion, he’ll have a diet soda, but beyond that, he only drinks bottled water and milk. He averages about 5 bottles a day.

The doll, with her ongoing syncope issues, has upped her water intake as well, averaging about 5 bottles a day too.

Which leaves my husband. He averages about 7 bottles a day, between work and home. Every night before bed, he drinks a half a bottle of water, then finishes that bottle the next morning.

When I asked, “Whose half filled bottle of water is this in the bathroom?” last night, I was met with the “Not me’s” and the “I don’t know’s” or was generally ignored. “Am I asking a rhetorical question?” I said and apparently I was. No one claimed responsibility and I was too tired to find the culprit.

The only thing I do know for sure is now our dog drinks bottled water too… img_2732



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