I sat across the table from the doll as she opened up her presents. The doll, who earlier in the day had beenIMG_2754 confirmed in our faith, pulled out a strange beverage container to examine. Not quite sure why her (Sponsor) Aunt Ann had given her this, she set the container aside while she retrieved the next present the gift bag held. Reaching in she pulled out a box and carefully unwrapped the item, eventually, pulling out a rosary container made from polished stone. “Open the box, doll,” my sister Ann Marie encouraged. Lifting the cover away, she found a small “Angel” stone that you place in your pocket and use in place of a “Worry” stone. Next to the Angel stone rested a small earring box. Opening the small box, she found a pair of “dove” earrings. “Wow, thanks, Aunt Ann…” She began before Ann Marie stopped her. “Now look under the earrings…” Looking momentarily confused, she lifted the earrings and found a ring. Setting the earrings aside, she pulled the ring out and admired it for a moment, before she turned her attention to me and said, “What’s wrong?”


IMG_2749Saturday morning, my doll, along with her classmates and several other students from around our area were confirmed in our catholic faith; by our Bishop at Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, here in town. The ceremony and mass lasted approximately an hour and a half and then afterward, by the doll’s request, we retired to an area Olive Garden for lunch. “Mom, I’m an adult now…” my doll said with a laugh. “Yes, in the church, only…” I said as she laughed and agreed. “I couldn’t resist saying that to you…” She added. Invited to celebrate her confirmation were her cousins Mary and Elle and their dad Uncle Danny, her Godparent Uncle Bill and his wife Aunt Marybeth, her Grammy, the boy, her parents and of course, Aunt Ann, who acted as her sponsor.

After we ordered our lunch, Ann Marie handed the doll a gift bag to open turned to me and said, “There’s something of a special meaning in there for you too…” Looking oddly at her, I turned my attention back to the doll and watched her empty her gift bag of gifts.


IMG_2755“Mom? Are you crying?” the doll asked, still holding the ring, lost. “Do you know what that is doll?” Ann Marie asked. Not understanding the importance of the ring she simply smiled and replied, “A ring…?” “That’s your Grandmother’s class ring,” Ann Marie began. “She gave me the ring and I gave it to my daughter Jess, shortly after she passed away. But Jess wears her Busia’s class ring, from the same school. So Jess suggested I give you the ring since you’ll be attending the same high school your Grandmother, mother, and I did,” Ann Marie explained. “Try on the ring, doll…” I urged. “You have thin fingers, the ring doesn’t fit me at all…” Ann Marie added and then we all watched as she placed the ring on her middle finger.


Afterward, I asked her what she thought about the day as a whole. “Mom, I think everything went well…” She said. “Anything else?” I wondered. “Well, besides being exhausted, I’m blessed…” She added. “Yes, you most certainly are, ” I confirmed, “Yes we are”.



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