The prom and beyond…

Already sick of my picture taking and we've only just begun...

Already sick of my picture taking and we’ve only just begun…

When we arrived at Alexa’s home, I instructed the boy to take the corsage and knock on her front door. Instead, he knocked on their utility door, off the driveway.”Bay, don’t you think they’re expecting you at the front door…?” I asked with a sarcastic tone. Smiling and then laughing to himself, he acknowledged his mistake and walked around to the front. After a quick rap on the door, we were greeted by her mother, who invited us in and a short time later the boy and Alexa exchanged flowers. “Do you know how to put this on?” Her mom asked me as she took the boutineer from the boy. “Honestly, I’ve never had to…” I began, “Well, I try my best not to rip this nice suit coat,” She replied as she pinned the flower on him.

img_2793After some small talk, the decision was made where to take photos of the couple and twenty minutes later, we were ready to leave. “Bay, you both will sit in the back seat…” I told him on our drive to her house, however, when the time came to leave, he walked around to my passenger side door. “Um, bay, no, you’re in the back seat with your ‘date’,” I said. “Oh, um, you know this isn’t a real date, though, right?” “Get in the back seat…” I retorted and he did as he was told. After plugging in the Prom’s location to my GPS system, we made our way there.

By the time I pulled into the hall’s parking lot, the sky had opened up as a steady rain fell. Hurrying out of the car, the kids grabbed their belongings and (clothes needed for the AfterProm party being held at the trampoline park adjacent to the dance hall) then hurried into the venue. I smiled as they entered, happy and excited what this dance might bring for my son.


Around 1 am Sunday morning, I was greeted by my boy who was giddy with laughter–a sign of happiness and exhaustion. “Welcome home…” I began, curious about the evening he spent. “Tell me you didn’t lose any part of that tuxedo, please…” I said. “It’s all in there, I promise,” He replied. “Well, tell me did you dance?” “Yes, quite a lot…” He said. “Slow dance too?” His sister snarked in his direction. “Yes, slow dance too. She put her hands on my shoulders and I did the same with her…” He replied. “Sounds like a wooden dance,” I added. “Well, we aren’t “In Love” mom, ” He reminded. “Please…” I began, shaking my head adding, “…but you did a lot of dancing, huh?” “Nothing too extravagant, more like me standing in one place bouncing and moving my arms back and forth…” He demonstrated and laughed. ” But you know, the one song I kept waiting for them to play all night, “Shout!”, you know the one they always play at weddings?  They didn’t play that until we were all in the changing rooms getting ready for the AfterProm, so no one was dancing to it.”


The next day, when the boy finally emerged from his bedroom, I asked him again about the night he spent at the Prom. “Did you have fun?” “Yes, I did,” “And Alexa? Do you think she had fun?” I asked. “Yes, she did; we talked about how much fun she had on the drive home last night”. “Good. So, do you think you’ll go to next year’s prom?” I asked. “Absolutely not…” He replied. “Wha? I thought you had fun?” I said, trying not to laugh. “Because I’m exhausted and my feet (rented shoes) are killing me.” “Ah, well you’ll forget about that in time…” I said laughing. “Not hardly…” He replied.

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