Counting cars….


While I’m out and about most days I don’t really pay much attention to the number of cars I pass on a daily basis, probably because my mind is littered with more pressing matters: What’s for dinner?  Did I remember to pay the gas bill? Will The boy remain grounded, cuz he’s going to ask at pick-up,” et cetera, et cetera. So when my passengers comment or remark about them, it makes me wonder…

In my career as an adult aid, four of people who suffer from some degree of dementia; I have had the pleasure to spend time with are all universally surprised by the number of cars on the road. Not a errand goes by with out a remark from Mrs. K or Mr. L about how big a truck on the roadway is or the line up of cars we come across at a busy intersection. Whereas Charlotte and Mary Alice, while also complaining about the number of cars stopping up traffic; would also complain about the overall number of cars parked at grocery stores, car lots or schools we pass by.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, folks nowadays have cars out of necessity, as opposed to the luxury of owning a vehicle in the past, or maybe it’s having an uncluttered mind’s ability to focus on something, anything. 

I don’t know, I just find it interesting… But I will add, the boy told me the other night, the reason he doesn’t want to get his lisence is not because he’s nervous (yes he is), but rather he didn’t want to contribute to the overall pollution of cars. To which my response became, “Then get used to walking everywhere, now”. 

He’s still undecided. 


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