After talking things over with his father, the boy accepted the loss of his iPod, so long as he could use his school’s iPad to pick up the slack. The problem being, the boy in an attempt to punish me for grounding him, decided he couldn’t do anything without music from his iPod to distract him from the task at hand. “Bay, you need to cut the grass…” I pointed out. “I can’t,” He said. “You can’t or won’t?” I asked. “I can’t cut the grass without music to cut out the monotony of cutting the grass…” He explained, fully hoping I would buy his excuse, take pity and return his device. “I have an idea, you can cut the grass the way we used to, back in the olden days, without the aid of a device playing in your ears,” I said. “But I shouldn’t have to…” he replied. “Bay, cut the grass…” I said in no uncertain terms.

Using his ingenuity, he placed his iPad in his backpack, connected headphones to his ears and then mowed the front lawn carrying around the backpack. Afterward, I asked him how his iPad worked out. He grunted in reply.


“Mom, in science class, we’re supposed to build a 3-D mold of the earth and I was wondering if I could make one out of cake?” The doll asked me. “Out of cake? How would you go about doing that?” I asked. “Well, I would need molds…” “Ah…” A quick trip to Hobby Lobby and then to our local Cake Arts shop, we came home with a mold to make a basketball-shaped cake. On Mother’s day, after making me breakfast, she pulled out her new “molds” and attempted her first cake. “Mom, this isn’t the one I’m  turning in. Instead, this is my practice cake…” She informed. “Okay, but try not to practice using all my sugar…” I said and she smiled. A few hours later, half the cake was in the garbage, while the other looked like an igloo. “Yeah, I didn’t quite figure out how to put them together…” She said while mixing up something else. “What are you making now?” I asked. “Well I had three egg yolks left from the cake and I couldn’t let them go to waste…so I’m making donuts,” she explained. “Donuts?” I said shocked. “Don’t worry…they’re not for you. I’m giving them all to my friends…” “Wha?” I replied. “Well you’re on a diet and the boy doesn’t need them…” She said. “Doll…” “Wha?” She said with a straight face. “Be nice…” I replied.


“Bay, I’ve decided you won’t get your iPod back until after your exams…” I said to him Sunday. “No.” He replied. “Yes…” I said. “Why?” He pouted. “Because this will be one less distraction leading into final exams. Maybe, if you’re lucky, after your French exam next week, I’ll take pity on you and give it back early…but a lot of that depends on you and how often I actually see you studying…” “Mom, I’m a distractable person, that’s who I am.  “So you’re content on wasting my money letting my Spotify account expire…” He tried. “You know what? I paid for the Spotify account to begin with. You want it to continue, get a job, earn some money and pay for the account yourself,” I replied.


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