That’s the sound of me slamming on the breaks long enough to write something down today. Honestly, I decided to take Thursday’s off so I could get stuff done around the house without kids getting in the way and you know what? I’ve realized, I need more than one day!

Yesterday, the doll (who’s not making shopping easy on me) and I went out looking for yet another dress she could wear for May crowning and Graduation. God forbid being seen wearing a dress she’s worn in the past (once last year) that still fits. “Mom everyone will know..” “Yes, they will know you love your mom so much you didn’t make her spend money on yet another dress only to be worn one time,” I tried. “Eh hem, technically I’ll wear it twice…” She replied. I in turn, waved my hand back and forth t0ward her nonverbally saying, “Whatever!” Yet, before I knew what was happening, I doled out my credit card and she had a new albeit, pretty dress.

On our way home, we passed a kid (young man) out by the street holding a sign that read, “Homeless will take anything, Thank you”. I noticed he didn’t look like the usual people I see standing out there in nice clean clothes and designer tennis shoes. He actually looked like he might need help. As we turned out onto the main drive,  I said to the doll, “We could get him a cheap pizza for the night–at least then he’d have some food in his belly…” “We could…” She acknowledged but didn’t think I was serious until we pulled into a shopping center a mile away, to pick up a pizza. Handing her the money she quickly ran into the store and emerged a few minutes later carrying a piping hot pizza. “Now we gotta hope he’s still there…” I said, noting that dusk was upon us as we turned and headed back to the mall area.

As I suspected, the kid was gone. Holding the pizza, my doll looked at me and said, “Why didn’t you just give him money?” “Good question…by giving him food at least I know he’s not drinking his dinner. In addition, I only had a $20 and didn’t want to give him that much cash”. We circled the parking lot once more, in hopes of seeing him hunkered down somewhere, but he was nowhere to be found. Arriving home, the boy spotted the pizza and declared himself a happy camper. “Considering this wasn’t meant for you, say a prayer for the homeless dude tonight, you’re eating his dinner. “Okay, Momma..” the boy responded just before that first piece entered his mouth.



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