okay so…


Last night before I went to bed, after wishing the kids goodnight, the doll hollered up the stairs at me and asked, “Could you wake me up early so I won’t sleep past my alarm?” “Sure,” I replied, knowing that wouldn’t be a problem, Friday.


“Mom…” a conversation we had a few nights ago popped into my head, “Next summer…. do you think I’ll still know any of my friends?” “Well that’s a dumb question, of course you will…” I replied, even though I understood her question. “It’s just that…” She tried to say but paused to think on the answer a little more. “Doll, here’s the thing, you’re always going to stay connected–even if you go to different schools. One of the best things about going to high school is meeting new people, creating more friendships to share, making that circle a little bigger, wider”. “I know, I’m just not ready to say goodbye to them yet…” “Well, you have the summer…” I reminded, and she nodded her head. “…not to mention every weekend at church”. Again she nodded and the conversation dropped, even though I could tell, her worry had not.


“Mom…” the doll said expectantly, “Yes?” I replied. “So you know how you said I could have a graduation sleepover, well, the problem with the dates we gave aren’t working, so we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if after our trip to Cedar Point, we just all came back to my house and spent the night”. On paper and in verbal terms this sounds like a very bad idea. A long car ride home from the amusement park, these girls want to come to my house to watch scary movies and laugh about the fun they had all day. “No, I’m going to be exhausted…” I said, knowing as a chaperon, I’ll have walked several miles through the course of the day. “Well none of the other dates work…” She argued. Shaking my head in disagreement, I finally amended and said, “Let me think about it…”

God help me, what I won’t do for a party at my house with a bunch of fourteen-year-old graduated girls…




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