daddy’s little girl…


“People smile and tell me I’m the lucky one…” 

People often tell me how much the doll and I look alike and my usual reply is,”No, she looks like her father…” I am, however looking at the two with a different set of glass parameters. While their faces are similarly structured, they both exhibit tricky eyes which can change colors with their clothing. But what makes them more similar than not is their personalities. They have the same quirky sense of humor, enjoy watching the same Anime programs and read the same type of books.

Ever since the doll was a little girl, the two of them have shared a secret language of love and respect. I’ve watched them make duck puppets with their hands and carry on conversations lost to the rest of us. Plus, whenever the doll has gotten upset and I’m at a loss to comfort her, her father will step in and help facilitate calm. Watching them interact, I’m sometimes envious of their bond, but oh so happy they have one.

Last week, while her father was out of town, the doll began working on a dance routine, in hopes of making the Irish Dance team. At one critical point, she was very upset with herself and no matter what I said to calm her down, she couldn’t get passed her mistakes. A phone call later from her father, a calmed down doll looked at me and said, “Okay, I think I can do this…”

A short time later, I said to the doll, “You’re a daddy’s girl…” She paused and thought for a moment before smiling and adding, “Duh Mom,” “Yep, Duh mom” is right.



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