God’s laughter part one


There is an old saying, if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans…

She’s (;)) been laughing at us quite a bit lately. That is not to say that our plans always fall through exactly, only that well, things haven’t worked out the way we’ve envisioned them to lately. Take for instance the doll. Since she was in fourth grade, she’s envisioned herself as a member of her future high school’s dance team. Last week she learned a routine, practiced heavily, tried out Saturday morning and by that afternoon, learned she had not made the team. “I’m not mad I didn’t get picked…” She said over the phone to me, “I’m mad I didn’t get a call back–when most of the other girls did. I wasn’t as bad as the other ones who weren’t picked, I know I wasn’t,” She said. “Well doll, maybe they had a specific number in mind and you just happened to fall on that bubble…” I tried. Waving off any additional attempts on my part to comfort her she replied, “Whatever!” before disconnecting the phone call. disappointed, but not down.

She’s disappointed sure, but not down and out. As I told her several times, “I’m proud that you had the courage to try…I would never have had the gumption…” “Mom didn’t you try out for basketball your Sophomore year…?” She said, hoping to have caught me in a fib. “Yes, my second year of school. But you applied before ever stepping foot in the school for your Freshman year. I’m telling you doll, that alone makes you special.

I dare say, I bet, God is laughing too, in agreeance to just how special she is…



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