God’s laughter part 2


So, while the doll was trying out for the high school dance team, Saturday morning, her brother, sat at a grocery store with several other people, impatiently waiting to be interviewed for a job. In the meantime, his mother, who did a little shopping while he waited, made the decision to hurriedly drive across town, hoping to kill two birds with one stone.

Earlier in the year, the boy’s friend, Alexa (his prom date) asked if she could accompany us (the boy and me), the next time we adventured to find the migrating warblers at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Refuge in Ottawa, Ohio. As word spread among their friends about our pending adventure, other classmates jumped on board to attend. The plan (Note God laughing) was to meet at the high school around 11:30 am, then caravan together to the wildlife refuge.

Of course, that’s not exactly what happened. The boy’s interview took longer than expected and I underestimated how long it would take to pick up Alexa from her home across town. By the time the interview had concluded, the boy walked home and met us, almost at the same time we pulled into the driveway. After a quick stop to change clothes and pick up supplies, we drove toward their high school, a half an hour later than planned only to discover the parking lot empty. “Dammit!” The boy uttered. “How many said they were going to come?” I asked. “A few. I feel bad we were late…” He said.


We arrived at the refuge about an hour later and then marveled, not only at the egrets and herons which dotted the swampland but also, the large bald eagle sitting in a nest, 50 feet up, that greeted our entrance to the parking area. Of course, the scene was made even more majestic by her mate which sat twenty feet below, playing sentry.  After parking the car, I said, “Bay, you might want to put on the gloves I brought for you…” Taking a look at the sun trying to peak through the clouds the boy declined, “No I think I’ll be fine…” “Bay, it’s windy, going to rain and it’s cold, wear the gloves…” I urged, making note that Alexa and I were both wearing a pair. “No thank you…” He replied and I, like God, laughed at his plan to keep his hands warm on a day when he should have worn gloves.


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