Time management….


I had a blog written and ready to post about an hour ago but a problem arose when I went to hit publish. It disappeared and I haven’t been able to find, nor recreate the blog from scratch. After many many attempts, I’ve decided this was God’s way of telling me I was too long in the tooth on this blog and to write something else, albeit shorter. So, here we go…

The boy had a term paper due in Creative Writing which encompassed all of his writing assignments from the past year, due 1st period, Monday morning. What this essentially meant was all hell broke loose Sunday night when after sending me all his papers in pdf form to be printed our printer decided to go on strike and the realization that most of the stores needed to bind all 33 writing exercises/assignments together, closed at an earlier time that he expected.

How do you spell stress? _________ (Insert boy’s first name)

However, all was not lost. One store, that could not help him Sunday night, opened early enough for him to finish…so long as the boy downloaded everything to a flash drive. So while he re-edited his paper, I loaded his flash drive with the corrected work. Then in the morning, while he jumped into the shower, his father took the flash drive over to the store and was able to get everything printed and bound to be turned in that day. “Bay you owe your dad a big hug…” I said. “I owe you both big hugs, thank you..” He returned before his father drove him to school.

Today, his grade posted on the report–an A+ which in some small way I believe we all received.


Since his work is still on my laptop and since he’s not here to disagree, I thought I’d share one of his works, albeit abridged. Enjoy!

*Note, snarky comments aside, are mine.

Ten Things...

Ten things I worry about…

1 Missing school

2 Being too tired to work Huh? Explain why you’re too tired? I don’t understand…

3 Falling over a railing  A reasonable worry while on vacation.

4 Dad going off the reservation in a spectacular way That would be interesting to see…

6 Dying of stress

7 Not getting my work done Time management skills, go figure.

8 Getting cited for no reason by Ms. Timar  French teacher no love lost there

9 My house burning down

10 Getting yelled at by my mom  His father and I both make him worry. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing… 

Ten People I don’t want to forget

1 Grammy

2 Great Grammy

3 Grandma

4 Papah

5 Sister Maria   Kindergarten teacher

6 Mom  He recently told me he loved me too much to argue with me… Glad I made this list.

7 Dad    Hasn’t gone off the reservation yet…

8 All my wonderful teachers    Except Ms. Timar…

9 The close friends I’ve made

10 My sister    Like she would ever let that happen… 


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