I gave the boy back his iPod today, under strict rules that he gives it back by 10 pm this evening. “I’m going to need it tomorrow at school, though,” He yearned. “Why?” I asked. “Because I have two open periods before my only exam tomorrow and so long as I agree with my teacher on every point, I’ll pass that test-easy peasy”. “You know, not having the device these last few weeks helped you pass those other tests. I see this as a trend…” I tried. “Mom, that had nothing to do with my passing,” He tried. “Give it back at 10 pm without fuss and we’ll determine your use of it in the morning…” I said and handed him the device.


“Mom, this was essentially my last day of school…” My doll said when she walked in the door. “Tomorrow is a field day, Thursday is graduation, Friday, Cedar Point,” she explained. “Are you sad?” I asked. “Are you on something?” She asked, surprised by my question. “No, just wondered…” I replied. “To be honest I a bit melancholic? I mean, I’ve been ready for 8th grade to be over since September, but I’m going to miss my friends–seeing them every day.” “I hear ya doll, but you’ll see plenty of them over the summer and I’m sure for at least the first year at CCHS, you’ll see them around, if not having them over for scary movie sleepover nights…” She nodded her head bef0re adding, “This week is flying by…”

“I hate to tell ya doll”, I thought to myself, “Your life is like that Kenny Chesney song, “Don’t Blink” I did and look what happened….”



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