the blank page…


Entering the church, I found a relatively empty pew and sat down. Looking around, I noticed all the other parents who took time out of their busy schedules to participate and witness their children’s last day of elementary school. The guest speaker, their retiring librarian noted, “Every day is a blank page. Every day you have the chance to start over, start anew, don’t forget or lose sight of this. Every day is waiting for you…” Which I found extremely interesting.

When a writer is confronted with a blank page, they have two choices: Write words into a story or stare at the blank page. Lately, I’ve found myself doing a lot of staring at the blank page. Not for lack of material, mind you, but rather the opposite–too much material to focus on or narrow down to a single event. Shake my head, I honestly don’t know where to begin…I guess you could say, “I’m at a loss for words…”

You know admitting this aloud is causing my friends and family to shake their heads in disbelief, “Marsha, at a loss for words? Who’s she trying to kid…?”

But in all honesty, I am, and here’s why…

As I mentioned earlier, I sat in a relatively empty pew and watched my daughter, in full cap and gown enter the church. I could tell, the nervous energy that woke her up two full hours before her alarm clock this morning, paid off by the waves of hair which draped her face. In addition, she also had plenty of time to apply makeup and mascara, making her look far older than fourteen to me. As she entered the church, our eyes met briefly and she smiled, before returning her attention to the task at hand–walking down the aisle without tripping or falling in her high wedge shoes. All the while, the only thought that came to my mind as I snapped picture after picture, was how beautiful my baby looks today.

She literally took my breath away.

Now she’s fully prepared and ready to begin this new leg of her journey. She’ll enter high school in the fall and begin to fill all those blank pages with friends and memories to last a lifetime.

…And while she’s filling up those pages, I’ll be here, writing and filling my blogs with more boy and doll stories. The witness to their many achievements and growth over the years…

But for right now, please excuse me for staring…




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