I’m at the library with my doll. So while she peruses the stacks in search of the next great series to read, I have a few minutes to write this blog…

Okay, so last week we had a few things going on, which has made my ability to write a blog this week a bit hard. Not because last week was difficulty bad, but rather, because last week was very busy and exhausting! Hence my brain has yet to  finish processing through.

However to give you a slight idea, how exhausted I am, consider my Fitbit step counter. My daily goal is to try to achieve about 10,000 steps in total. On average though, I usually finish around 9,000 steps (if I don’t actively try I.e. take evening walks). Beginning last Friday, my step counter jumped to over 21,000 steps (9.6 miles) followed closely by Saturday’s 17,000 (7+ miles) and then Sundays’s paltry 11,000 (5+ miles).  Yesterday I slept over 9 hours, yet still feel spent. 

But have no fear, the blog will be back to itself in no time…I have several partly written posts–I just need a clear head or a good idea, to finish them. Until then, I’ll go back to looking for a good book to dream of reading, the next time I have the chance to sit still.


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