Thursday morning….


A few blogs back, I complained how everything seems to occur on the same day and last Thursday was a prime example. On May 26th, my father turned 95, my doll graduated from her K-8 school and something else,which my hubby forgot. “Isn’t there something else going on?” My husband asked in the evening, as we dressed for the graduation mass. “You mean like our anniversary?” I snarked a reply. “It’s that time already? Why do all of these things sneak up on me?” He wondered aloud. “Because you’re old…” I replied and unfortunately, he agreed. Thankfully, though, in deference to everything else occurring Thursday, we chose to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday by attending a wonderful James Taylor concert together (sans kids).

But first things first… a plan was hatched by my older siblings to surprise our father by attending an early morning mass and then take him out to breakfast to celebrate–even though a formal party would be held on Sunday. He was nicely surprised by our turnout, even making special mention of my older brother Bill and his wife. During the benediction, the priest offered an intention of prayers and blessings for our father, in celebration of his 95th birthday–which led the congregation to sing an impromptu “Happy Birthday” to him at the conclusion of Mass. Then the priest came over and blessed him once more adding, “I hope you live another 95 years…” Ever so gracious, yet quick witted, dad quickly replied, “In heaven, please…” Causing the priest to smile and add “I’m sure when God thinks you’re ready, you’ll go. In the meantime, keep making those rosaries…”

A short time later we were all seated at a nice restaurant trading stories of our father and laughing along with everyone. One of the silliest things to happen at breakfast was the birthday boy receiving his food last, after most of us had finished; due to a snafu in the kitchen. He took this all in stride, however, knowing good things come to all those who wait… and heaven can wait a while longer.



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