Thursday afternoon…


When our breakfast concluded, I drove a short distance to the boy’s high school and picked him up, following two of his exams. “Can I have my device back?” He asked. “Nope,” I replied and he brooded. “Mom, the deal was…” He began but I interrupted. ” I know what the deal was and when you’re grades come through, I’ll assess…” I said and he grumbled. By the time we arrived home, his French exam had posted and lo and behold he received a B- in the class. “See what happens when you don’t distract yourself?” I said in triumph. “Mom, not having my device didn’t give me that grade. In fact, it made studying more difficult if anything else…” “Whatever bay…” I chimed back. “My grade improved because I upped my participation in the class…” “Ah, so you decided to pay attention for a change…?” He smiled, nodded and quickly came back to the subject at hand, “Can I have my device back?” “If I say yes, I’m telling you, it’s for a limited time, throughout the day. No more 24/7 online attachment, got it?” “That’s not fair…” He tried. “Who said life was fair?” I asked and heard my mother’s voice echo in my head.



Last week, I alluded to Thursday afternoon when I wrote about blank pages and then basically fawned over how beautiful my daughter appeared in her cap and gown. I’m sure you can imagine how taken aback I became when the music of Pomp and Circumstance played while the students made their way down the aisle. All the rhetoric I’ve heard over the years was true, the speed in which my little baby girl became a young woman is mind boggling. I mean, shoot, I still recall walking her to school–not too long ago; scolding her saying, “Listen here young lady!” Only to have her respond, “I’m not a young lady!” Well alrighty then,” I said trying not to laugh. While she may not have been one then, she has certainly become one now.

During that pin and ribbon ceremony, the students were given awards for grades and for their service to the school, home, community and church; in addition to scholarships given to kids planning to attend a parochial high school. My doll received two scholarships from her new high school, which have gone a long way to helping us pay her tuition. Then we were both surprised to hear her name called out a third time. One of the service organizations attached to the church awarded her an additional scholarship for being a helpful, responsible and hardworking individual. “Mom, Mrs. M said the look on both our faces was priceless when the award was announced…” She said to me. “I can imagine. I’m so proud of you…” I said, all the while trying not to cry or show any emotion other than happiness for her. Considering how difficult that task turned out to be, the actual graduation turned out to be a snap…

Mom, stop taking pictures, now. Stop STOP. Mom you're embarrassing me. UGH.

Mom, stop taking pictures, now. Stop STOP. Mom you’re embarrassing me. UGH.



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