Potatoes and onions…


Over the weekend, my parish hosted their annual festival fundraiser which presented the kids with a great opportunity to get all of their required 20 service hours in for the whole year. However, the boy had other plans. He took one look at the weekend sprawled out in front of him and declared, “I’m going to work for two days and then go to my grandmothers Saturday”. “Bay, if you work five hours every day, you will knock out those service hours and be done for the year. That means no work during the school year…why not take advantage of this great opportunity?” I argued.  “I’d rather go to my grandmother’s on Saturday…” He replied.  So he worked Thursday and Friday evening, making French Fries in the kitchen. “Mom this was the ideal job…” He conveyed Friday evening, “I got to work in the air conditioning and listen to my iPod the entire time”.

The doll on the other hand had offered to babysit for parents coming to work the festival. Unfortunately, she was never called, so she too spent time in the kitchen. On Thursday night she cut onion rings all evening. “Mom, I never want to cut another onion ring in my life…” She informed. “I’m not even sure I was doing it right, but I did my best,” She said with a shrug.  On Saturday, she entered the kitchen at 1:30 pm and stepped out at 7 pm. I stopped by around 3 to feed her some festival food and catch up. “Marsha, your kids rock!” said Pam, the head of the kitchen. “Thanks…” I replied, very happy knowing they worked out. “Your son did a great job on those potatoes and your doll, wow, she’s a keeper. I hope next year she’ll work with us again,” 

For the record, the doll earned 11.5 service hours cutting peppers, onions, making funnel cake mix and fried onion batter. “I’d rather work in the kitchen than anywhere else,” she confided just before the end of her work shift. 

She definitely does not take after her mother in this respect. 




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