how to tell they love you…


Last night before bed, I called down to the doll and asked her if she would come upstairs and join me in the master bathroom for a moment. As she ascended the stairs she asked, “What’s wrong, are you okay?” Standing in front of her I said, “No, I’m okay, but I need your help…” Noticing what I held out to her, in my hand, she said, “What are you blind?” “Yes, yes I am…” I replied. Grabbing the tweezers from me she asked, “Where?” Lifting my right hand to my chin I replied, I can’t see it, but it’s right here, driving me nuts…” “Let me see…” She said and asked me to turn my head. A moment later, she attached the head of the tweezers firmly around the wayward hair and pulled it right out. “Is it a dark one?” I asked when she announced she was “Done” and handed me back the tweezers. “Yes…” She said before turning to leave the room. “Thanks Doll, I love you, goodnight,” I said as she began to descend the stairs. “Night, love you too…” She replied.

I’m telling you, if a kid is willing to help you groom your hairy face, they must indeed love you.


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