Blog 1603… wha?



Thank you.

Thank you for supporting me all these years by reading my attempts at being funny or thought provoking or just plain goofy.

Thank you for overlooking the many many spelling, grammar and word choice errors along the way (yesterday included).

Thank you for commenting either on wordpress, twitter or facebook and giving me some form of feedback I could feed off from to continue to write.

Thank you for standing behind me, allowing me to see you will always have my back–regardless what stupidity I may write about in the future and…

Thank you for (maybe) taking some of those grains of salt along with you.

Yesterday on our nightly walk, my hubby and I rehashed the conversation I had with those people, still trying to make sense out of it all. Honestly, some of what they said was truly comical, because being that blunt with someone you never see, makes them appear insane.  “You know, the only thing that seemed off limits to their snide remarks or comments was the boy. Maybe because I told them he has Aspberger’s and they felt that topic was off limits…” I said to him. “Or, they didn’t know what Asperger’s meant or weren’t paying attention…” He returned.

In the end, we both came to the same conclusion, they were trying to provoke a reaction and thankfully left me alone the rest of the night, when I refused to give them one.

What’s more, they’re insane.

Plain and simple.

Thankfully, they live out of town.






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