Lil’ (Love is love) darlin’


Last night the doll and I watched the Tony Awards. Well, a better description would be I watched while she texted with her friends from the same room.”Mom do you know any of these shows?” She asked me at the start. “Not really, but I’ve heard about a few of them…”I said in return. “I like James Cordan, especially his car ride karaoke clips…” The doll added before we settled in and became enchanted by the songs and love evidenced in the show. 

Not far into the show she asked, “Mom when is the Columbus Gay Pride parade this year?” “Next Saturday,” I replied. Last year I had the good fortune to attend the event and promised her, if our schedules allowed, we would both attend this year and show our support for the LGBTQ community. “Seriously?” She replied, knowing we have plans we cannot change. “Yeah, but we’ll get there again someday,” I replied, turning my attention back to the show. “Yeah, I just think this years parade will be more important. I mean they’re probably going to be celebrating the marriage amendment but will also need the support from all communities because of Orlando,” She explained. 

A few minutes later Lin-Manuel Miranda won best original score and read his acceptance sonnet and we both intently listened as he  repeated “Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love..” “Wow!” I replied when he finished, brought nearly to tears by his message. “Yeah, This years’ parade would have been special…” The doll lamented, before returning to her texting. “We may not be able to attend this year darlin’, but we can still help them,” I began, “Keep the LGBTQ community in your prayers,” I said. “I do, it just seems kinda hollow at the moment..” She added. “I know, but it’s not and for now, that’s the best we can offer, besides love,” I tried and she nodded.

Sometimes I’m really proud to be her mom.


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