critical observations of a boy and mom…


The boy received a call back from a potential employer the other night which made us all giddy with excitement; even though no one was home to receive the call. Actually, the extra time allowed us to work on his telephone skills so he wouldn’t come across sounding goofy. That night  as I laid in bed, I began to worry,  just what his future might hold, if he was offered the warehouse job…

  • He wouldn’t be home as much
  • He would meet other people
  • He would learn how to work with others
  • He would be under someone else’s scrutiny for a change

“Lord if he gets this job, please keep him safe…” I kept praying over and over again, before falling asleep.

The next day when he returned the call, he was notified they were only looking for full time help. “I could work full time over the summer…” He suggested. “We would need you to work past Midnight some nights and your age is a factor here,” They replied. He thanked the employer for taking the time to talk with him and then explained everything to me.

So close, yet so far away. Now he’s back to:

  • Being under my scrutiny for not activily looking for a job AND my lack of tact–pushing him out the door
  • Scrutinized for not eating healthily throughout the day
  • Being told to get offline constantly

Meanwhile I’m back to:

  • Finding him odd jobs to stay occupied
  • Receiving looks that kill from the boy
  • Worrying about his college application without work experience
  • Arguing with a stubborn 17 year old
  • Constantly reminding him I love him, even if doesn’t like my way of showing him.
  • Feeling like the worst mom ever.

We’re both exhausted spending so much time scrutinizing one another. He really needs to find a job soon.


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