Dance dance dance…


DSC_0338 Over the past year, the doll has taken dance lessons with her friend Nikki, that at times she’s loved while other times she’s loathed. “Mom, they don’t so much as teach you dance steps, as a routine that you’ll perform at the end of the year…” She explained. “Is this different than when you were in ballet?” I asked, confused. “YES. I mean, we were taught all the dance steps first, then were taught a routine that incorporated those steps. And you remember how often we practiced to make the routine perfect. This is completely different…” She explained, as a way to prepare us for her dance recital last Friday.

We had made plans to attend her dance recital Friday night, which included having her cousins Mary and Ellie in attendance. Almost inseparable when they were younger, the girls drifted apart after they moved to a different school district a few years back. The dance recital offered a good opportunity to get them together, not only for the recital, but also for a sleep over. “Guys, this is nothing to write home about…” The doll tried to downplay to her cousins. Not having any of her worries I scolded, “Doll, this may not be a professional dance company,  but that doesn’t negate the work you put into learning the dance. Let them decide on their own…”


Nikki and the doll in the Lyrical dance “Dream On”

“Aunt Marsha, are these dancers really good?” Mary asked me just before the start of the show. “Sweetie, they’re not at the same level of dancing you were both trained in, but but they aren’t horrible either…” I offered. Thankfully, the girls were very complimentary of their cousin’s dancing, even telling her she looked the best out there. Whether she believed them or not, she appreciated having them there for her support.

I felt bad, having forgotten to purchase a bouquet of flowers to give the doll following her performances. But she seemed just as happy that I spent the money on something more important, following the recital…ice cream. After we enjoyed our cold snack, we dropped hubby at home and headed to a video store to rent some scary movies. “It’s not a sleep over at my house without scary movies…” The doll informed the girls as we walked about the store. “Can we get some funny movies too?” Ellie asked. “Yeah sure…” I replied.

We left the store with three scary and one comedy, ensuring a long night of wakefulness was in our very near future…




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