memory lanes…


Almost every given day, I take my strolls down memory lane, reliving and sharing funny moments in my children’s lives and the happiness derived therein with Mrs. K and Mr. L. The reason is quite simple. My memories are used to act as a kind of trigger to their own memories, often of times when their children were young too. As Mrs. K often reminds me, “Kids are kids,” before laughing along to my storied memory.

Take for instance this morning when I reminded Mrs. K about the time I took the boy to “dreaded” baseball practice and raised the volume on the car stereo when the song “What is this Feeling?” from the Original Broadway Cast of Wicked, began to play.  The boy loathed this soundtrack and repeatedly asked me to stop embarrassing him with this music, as we drove along. “There isn’t anyone in the car with us to embarrass you by,” I replied. “Just being in the same car as this horrible screeching is embarrassment enough!” He explained–which only encouraged me roll the windows down, turn the music up louder and attempt (albeit very badly) to sing along.

“And what was his response?” She asked, her eyes alight with wonder. “Well, when we arrived at the ball park, before I had even come to a complete stop, he jumped from the car and ran away toward the diamonds faster than I’d ever seen him run before which includes up to this day. So you see, the moral of that story is I learned how to motivate my boy to move,” I said as we both dissolved into giggles. “Oh my…” she replied before she began telling me a story about her three sons being members of the high school marching band and how they had to learn to step/march in time.


My daughter has been behaving in a most peculiar way recently, even going as far as tellin me, “Mom, my “emo” days are almost behind me…” “You were emo?” I asked with a sarcastic tone. Looking at me as if I were daft she said, “Hello, black clothes, heavy metal music…” “So this means you’re going to stop wearing black clothes?” I asked. “What’s wrong with you? If I did that you’d have to buy me a new wardrobe,” she returned. “Well then what makes you believe your “EMO” phase is coming to an end?” I asked. “Well, I’m not happy about this, but, I’m beginning to like mainstream music…” She replied, a little frustrated with herself. “Doll, I feel your pain, but no worries. Soon another trend in music will begin and you’ll find yourself drawn towards it…” I explained. Looking back at me she replied, “I hope so cuz this mainstream music is really lame…” 

Out of the mouths of babes…



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