a quiet afternoon…


Yesterday, as the temperatures in my neck of the woods, rose higher and higher and the humidity did the same, my husband was biting at the chance to do something other than hanging around home and the air conditioning contained therein. “Let’s do something, go somewhere, c’mon let’s go…” He implored. Once we agreed on a destination, we invited the doll to come along (the boy was at his Grandmother’s) and then waited an extra hour for her to get ready.  In the meantime, I took the sports page from the Sunday paper outside, sat down on our stoop and began to read how well my Cleveland Indians have been playing against a local favorite.

After a while, the doll emerged from the house and said, “I’m ready, what’s taking so long?” Dropping the paper to my lap, I looked at her and said, “Yeah, I wonder…” as she smiled in response. Not bothering to go back inside, I opened the door and yelled in, “The doll’s ready, let’s go…” and then proceeded to start the car so the air conditioning would kick in soon. A short time later, we were on our way.

That’s when I noticed…I had forgotten my cellphone. “I’ve got mine…” My husband laughed. “Yes you have a flip phone…” I replied, trying not to ask him to turn around and go back home to retrieve it. “The doll has her iPod if you feel the need to take pictures…” He offered and we were met by, “Uh, no, it’s my iPod camera, not mom’s”. Shaking my head I replied, “I get no respect whatsoever…” as we continued toward our destination. “Are you going to survive an afternoon without your cellphone?” My hubby asked. “What do you think?” I replied annoyed by his question. “You’re braver than me mom, I don’t think I could,” The doll said before adding, “but that doesn’t mean you can borrow mine…”

Oh brother!




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