a little bit more…


My blog on Tuesday was supposed to conclude Monday’s blog, A quiet afternoon. However, due to Pat Summitt’s death yesterday,  that blog has since been pushed forward to today. However, I also have an addendum that goes along with yesterday’s blog too…so be prepared, this might take a while…

If you recall, on Sunday, my husband, the doll and I left our house in search of adventure and considering that I left my phone at home, I had unfettered access to whatever form that adventure came. We drove a short distance from our home to the area botanical garden, which was hosting an art fair and began walking around. “Mom, the signs say no taking of photos,” the doll said trying to lessen the pain of my missing iPhone. “Doll, I would be taking pictures of the flowers or you and dad, not the artwork…” I complained. “Regardless, you’re not getting my iPod,” She rudely returned.

As we walked amid the booths and tents of the artisans, some items caught our eyes more than others. At one jewelry booth (which contrary to by gender is boring to me), the doll asked how much an interesting coin necklace cost? The artisan reached into his case and pulled out the necklace, laid it down and said, “$3400.00”. “I looked at the piece a moment longer before saying, “Thank you,” and then walked away. My doll looked at me and said, “I thought maybe $300 but, seriously?” My husband, who was still looking at other pieces in the booth, noticed us walk away and joined us shortly thereafter. “It must be the heat because when he told you the amount, it didn’t bother me…” “Does that mean you’ll purchase that for her?” I asked quickly. “No, I think I’ve recovered from my heat stroke,” He replied.

We came upon an photographic artist who had nice sized prints from the inside of abandoned buildings and churches–one that caught the doll’s eyes in particular. After discussing with the artist the inherent beauty found within abandoned buildings, we continued on. “Have you found anything you like?” I asked the doll once we finished walking the entire artists loop. “There was that one abandoned church picture, but she wanted $50 for it,” She complained. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll pay for the picture today, but you have to pay me back-deal?” “Are you sure?” She asked me. “So long as you promise to pay me back…” We shook hands and then found our way back to the artist. “You’re back…” She said, pleasantly surprised by our return. “Yes, I can’t get this picture out of my head,” the doll blushed and a short time later, we were walking back to the car with her new photo. “So mom, I owe you $50?” She asked. “I’ll tell you what…you pay me back $40 and use that other $10 bucks to help pay for a frame. okay?”

She’s already paid me $12


Yesterday’s blog I wrote quickly during my lunch break and had very little time to properly edit the piece, before I hit publish and then went back to work. However, I asked the doll to listen to me read the blog aloud-hoping to catch any mistakes and make sure the  flow of the piece sounded okay. Shortly after I finished reading she said, “I don’t remember those cookies…” “That’s because you never got them…” I said and laughed as she yelled, “What?!? You owe me a cookie!!” “Well doll, first of all, they were evidence–proof that I had sat next to Pat Summitt. I couldn’t just let you kids eat my evidence!” “MOM, SHE GAVE YOU THEM TO GIVE TO US!!” She loudly complained while I laughed. “I kept them in the refrigerator for a few years, before I finally threw them away…” I explained and enjoyed the doll’s protestations. “I am not amused by these turn of events. You owe me a professionally made cookie…” She argued to which she received the standard, all knowing, all mean mommy answer, “We’ll see…”





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