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Relief from political distress, day 99…


This morning at church, our Deacon talked about death and how when we die, all we take with us are the scars we bore–like Christ. All of our possessions won’t mean a thing when we’re dead.

Then I looked at this dead cone flower. Devoid of seeds and pollen,  and realized its beauty isn’t measured by what remains, but rather what was created by its life.. Life from life…

And life is beautiful when your willing to open your eyes…

even at the end of life there's beauty...

even at the end of life there’s beauty…


Relief from political distress, day 101….


While on vacation a few weeks back, a friend  invited me to participate in a nature photo challenge on Facebook. The challenge was simple. Over the next 7 days, post a nature photograph and invite someone new each day to join in. The idea was to flood Facebook with beauty to balance out the ugly political memes which have been increasing at an alarming rate. I accepted and enjoyed the challenge, posting shots of some of my favorite subjects–birds. While not everyone I challenged played along, those who did helped make our Facebook experience all the more beautiful.

In the next 101 days, our nation will elect a new President for this great country. If history is any indication, this election cycle is going to be downright ugly, divisive, callous and frankly an unpleasant experience for all of us in one way or the other. In fact, we will all be inundated with ugly advertisements–across all spectrum’s, TV, Print Media, Internet, Movie Theaters and possibly even Smoke Signals… “Crooked Hilliary” “Bully Trump” “Pothead Johnson” “Out of her league Stein”…I can envision the crap already. Tell me, how many of us celebrated when the primaries ended and the political ads came to an end?

In an effort to escape all the ugliness, I am challenging myself to post a photo of something beautiful for the next 101 days, on my blog. If you find yourself caught up in the election cycle and need of a respite from all the name calling, I’m here for you. Enjoy the political free photo, invite beauty back into your world.

The challenge in this life is to live a happy one. Beauty makes me happy, ugly serves no purpose in my life. Enjoy!DSC_0602

Three more weeks…


These past two weeks, the boy has been taking ACT prep classes at his high school ahead of taking the  college entrance exam again this  September. This morning on our drive there he lamented, “God I wish school were back in session…” I smiled as I thought to myself, “You, the doll and me too!!” 

The doll sent me a text the other day that read, “I finally figured out how to wear my new uniform and NOT look dumb!” I couldn’t help but smile, knowing how important it is to look good on those first few days of high school; first impressions and all that. I’m just happy to know she’s been practicing (insert sarcasm font).

Every evening just before bed I catch the doll and boy in deep conversations as she peppers him about what high school is like. “The best piece of advice I can give you is not to argue with your Religion teacher. While entertaining to watch, to make her point, she’ll make everyone do an unnecessary assignment. You don’t want to be that kid…” He told her. I couldn’t tell if she were taking notes or not, but I wouldn’t put it past her. 

All I can say is…

THREE MORE WEEKS! THREE MORE WEEKS! Dear God! I’ll have a SENIOR and a Freshman in Three short weeks!! 


together, yet separate…


The doll and I were seated at the kitchen table together, yet separately. I was watching Dawson’s Creek on my laptop, while she began to sketch. Tapping me on the left shoulder, she smiled and began, “Mom, lately when I’m erasing something on my picture, I’ve started putting my sketching pencil between my lips, you know as a place to keep it while I erase. Just now, I couldn’t find the pencil because I forgot it was between my lips,” She said and giggled. “Kind of like those who wear glasses and forget their atop of their head…” I replied and she nodded. Giving me a quizzical look she asked, “Have you ever done that?” Looking back I replied, “No . But, I’ve only worn glasses for a few years. I’m sure, given time I will.” She thought about this for a moment, shrugged and went back to work while I  went back to watching Dawson’s Creek.

Together, yet separate.

altitude vs attitude…


“Have you noticed how my irritability to somehow jumped off me and landed on the boy?” The doll asked me as we wandered through the Museum of the Rockies, in Bozeman, MT, shortly after we arrived in the state. The boy couldn’t understand why we were taking the time to visit the museum and complained loudly, grumbling his displeasure at our decision. “Bay, we may not have the opportunity to come back before we leave next week and who doesn’t enjoy looking at giant dinosaur bones?” I replied.  In return, he grumbled more.

Later, I asked him, “What has gotten into you today, why are you so grumpy?” Unhappily he replied, “I don’t know! It’s like the moment I exited the airplane I’ve been in a bad mood…” “What? That doesn’t make sense…” I replied but let the conversation drop. Later, we were informed there was something known as altitude sickness-which, employs a wide variety of symptoms, one of which was irritability. Unfortunately, with the exception of my hubby, we all began to experience altitude sickness in one way or another.

Fast forward two weeks and those of us who suffered from sinusitis while in the upper altitudes have since recovered. Meanwhile those who suffered from irritability, still remain so. Which leads me to wonder, were they experiencing altitude sickness or the more common attitude (aka teenageritis) sickness?  

I’m not sure a definitive conclusion exits… But my money is on the latter… 

diets shmiets….


When I was a kid, I was allergic to all types of chocolate except white. So every year for Easter, I found a white chocolate Easter bunny in my basket to enjoy, while my siblings ate their milk chocolate ones.  At some point, I outgrew my allergy and welcomed “real” chocolate back into my life with a gusto, throwing white chocolate to the side and falling happily under the spell of that delicious flavor.

Last week, I learned I am once again allergic to that delectable confection.  What’s more, I don’t even have the option of falling back onto white chocolate for compensation. Instead, chocolate in all forms must be avoided, along with caffeine, citrus, most fruits, tomatoes, onions, garlic and just about everything else that makes eating and loving food worthwhile.

Sigh, Pity Party for one, now commencing.


“You know, just because your diet sucks right now, doesn’t mean mine has to!” The boy contended. I had just informed Friday night of the new diet he was going to begin today. “Bay, you’re pre-diabetic. When that last test came through your doctor informed you to “stay the course”. Instead you took that as “I can go back to eating crap and drinking pop again and gaining all the weight you lost, back,” I argued. Of course this argument also took place at 10:30 pm when he entered the kitchen and announced he as famished. “Drink some water,” I countered. “Mom, it’s a myth that eating food before bedtime is bad for you…” He tried. “Eating, any time you’re going to be sedentary for a long period of time is bad for you–like following every one of your meals,” I informed, which ended the conversation which fell on mostly deaf ears…

Ah, selective listening is so fun right now…

After staying with his grandmother over the weekend, he came in the kitchen this morning carrying two loaves of banana nut bread from Bob Evans’ restaurant. “No one is allowed to eat this bread but me…please,” He said, but then added “I bought them with my own money’. “That’s fine, but beware, not to eat any of the other food in this house, since I paid for them with my money,” I said, turning my attention back to my lunch. “Oh Mom, you’re so sweet and passive-aggressive sometimes…” He said, leaning down to kiss the top of my head, before leaving the room.

Been that kind of day, I suppose.