a win is a win is a win…



A week or so back, the doll asked me if she and her girlfriends could sleep on my father’s porch which is attached to the garage. Over the years, the doll has spent the night with her cousins and Aunt Ann. “Mom, we never got to go camping with girl scouts this years, so we thought this could be our equivalent…” She argued. Without giving it much thought, I conceded and agreed.

Then I began to realize what I had agreed to: If she had friends sleeping outside at my father’s, that meant I would have to sleep outside with them. “That ain’t happening…” I said to myself, “No way, no how…”

Now before you call me a wuss, let me explain. I have developed GERD, an acid re-flux condition which has forced me to change my sleeping behavior. For one, I can’t go to sleep until 2-3 hours after I’ve ingested something and I have to sleep at an angle. Currently, the front of my bed is raised four inches above the bottom end. There would be no way I could sleep without inducing massive discomfort the next day. In addition, I would have to be on watch-to ensure these girls didn’t go swimming and drown the while I was dozing. So I did the only rational thing possible…I devised a plan to convince the doll to move the sleep over indoors, to our house.

“Doll, I’ve been thinking….” I began and was met with  “A dangerous pastime…”  quoting Disney’s, Beauty and the Beast; to which I replied, “I know…” We both smiled for a moment before I continued, “I’ve been looking at the weather reports and it’s supposed to be really cool this weekend–overnights especially. What if you text your friends and invite them to go swimming until about 11 pm but then come back here and watch movies all night?” “Are you telling me you’re cancelling the sleepover at Grandpa’s?” She wondered. “No, but, think about it a moment…” I began and then became creative. “I won’t be able to help you clean out the porch before Friday, due to my work schedule…” “That’s okay, because the girls were going to come over and help me clean it out,” She said.


“Are you prepared to take all the furniture out and then pull up all-weather carpeting out so you can sweep under and clean out all the spiders?” I asked. “Mom, Natalia’s not afraid of spiders, she’s going to kill the ones in the corner for me,” She explained and then began to question me further, “Why would we need to remove the carpeting, We never have before. That seems like overkill to me,” She argued. “Your Aunt and I always removed the carpeting before the sleepovers, because where do you think those hatched spiders go to live?” I said. “No you haven’t,” She said confidently believing she had caught me in a fib. “Yes we have, ask her… Any time she’s hosted a sleep over on that porch we’ve pulled up the carpeting and  swept up all those tiny monsters…” “Since when?” She asked. “Since always. You just happened to not be around when we did this…” I replied.

A few days later, she asked Aunt Ann if I was telling the truth and like a great big sister would, she backed me up, thus helping to move the sleepover to my home on Friday night.

*Truth be told, we have pulled up the carpeting when cleaning for a party and sleepover, just not every time. In addition, the weather report did not lie and the temperatures dropped into the low 50’s overnight. The doll and her friends instead watched dumb movies all night long and mom got relatively good rest overnight.

Win Win Win for all of us….especially the spiders.


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