Moving shaking and standing still…


We live down the street from my Dad who just so happened to have a large tree removed from his property yesterday afternoon. At some point my doll sent me a text at work inquiring if our area had experienced a rare earthquake. “I wouldn’t be surprise if the house shake was caused by the felled tree,” I replied. “Felled? What’s that?” She returned. “Grandpa’s tree,” I said in return. “How did Grandpa’s tree come into this conversation?” She replied again. “His tree is being removed today. I think when the large part of the trunk hit the ground it caused a little shake to reverberate,” I replied. “Okay, but what does felled mean?” She asked and annoyed that she didn’t catch my drift I replied, “I’ll tell you later.”


The other night the doll and I both had sweet tooth cravings and decided to buy a ready to eat cherry pie. “It really is good for you,” the doll reasoned, and I concurred, “Good for our well being!” Afterward as we drove toward home, she looked at me and asked, “Is it weird that I’m starting to think about boys?” Trying not to slam on the breaks and scream, I looked back at her and said, “Considering that your 14…no,” and she nodded In happy agreement. “But just remember doll, boys have a different agenda than you when it comes to dating and you need to keep you mind focused on who you are and where you are going,” I began but stopped  when.she raised her hand  as such. “I didn’t ask you this to open a conversation, I only wanted to be sure I this isn’t out of the ordinary. 

“Ah, well no, you’re perfectly normal for your age,” I replied and our conversation came to an end.

Oy veh, boys! 


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